Noralogic and InterHuman Group came together to deliver Employer of Record services to help companies focus on core of their business and to insulate from dealing with regulations dealing with employment in Mexico. Our solution simplifies and accelerates your company’s entry and expansion into Mexico. Since 1985 InterHuman team brings about 35 years of experience in:

Employment regulations

Employees onboarding

Ongoing payroll processing

Benefit plans that we provide (you will choose what optional benefits to provide and our team will help you)

Benefits administration


All this without need to have your own entity in the US or Mexico.

This will accelerate your expansion into Mexico and you can focus on business rather than compliance. With large workforce, we are able to get pricing for benefits plans that would be much costlier to do on your own.

With our Employer of record services, you will keep control of the management of your team while we will take care of payroll, compliance, and mitigating risk. If you need help identifying employees, Noralogic Staffing teams in US and Mexico can help you as well.

With Noralogic and InterHuman presence in the US and in major cities of Mexico, our clients save time and resources. Our team provides the best personalized strategies to meet your project objectives and achieve excellent results. Working together and always looking for continuous improvement. We have a presence in the main cities of Mexico serving the most important business centers in Mexico. Our exceptional service, more than 35 years of experience and our client portfolio we are the best enterprise Outsourcing option. Contact us today!